High Peak Trampolining & Rebound Therapy Club is based at Bounce and Cheer Education (BACE), Glossop

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The information below is for all club members of High Peak Trampolining & Rebound Therapy Club and includes the following activities and programmes:

  • Group Club sessions (Infinity, Aerodynamics, High Flyers, Flying Ninjas, Galaxy & Launch)
  • 1:1 Sessions in Trampolining & Rebound Therapy
  • Gym Inc (Inclusive Gymnastics Programme)

For all other activities that take place at BACE please ensure you contact the relevant club/visit the webpage

Following the Lockdown and enforced closure of indoor leisure facilities and clubs, we are now in a position to provide reopening information. We are following guidance from our sporting governing body British Gymnastics whilst meeting the needs of our diverse membership.

We are unable to return to the exact timetable we had earlier on in the 2019-2020 season due to social distancing requirements, so we have a club specific plan with several phases and will continue to review these phases as time progresses.

Safe Return Phased Timetable

  1. PHASE 1 - 25th July - 21st August 2020: Existing Members only
  2. Summer Closure: 22nd August - 13th September: This is inline with our annual summer closure. We have kept the same model due to the continued programme we ran during Lockdown and also to allow our members to settle in to their new academic/working year timetable
  3. PHASE 2 - 14th September onwards - TBC

Phase One Information for Existing Members

During this phase the club will be running activities at BACE on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays ONLY (and occasional weekends where possible). This is to ensure we can create a 'Trampolining Bubble'. The timetable will look a little differently to what we/you are used to - so we can reduce group numbers and ensure extra cleaning between each session.


AM - 1:1 Sessions with Emma
12:00-1:00pm - Galaxy members (Max 4 gymnasts)
PM - 1:1 Sessions with Emma or Abbie
3:45 - 4:45pm - Galaxy members (Max 4 gymnasts)
5:00-6:00pm - Aerodynamics & Flying Ninja members (Max 6 gymnasts)
6:15 - 7:15pm - Aerodynamics & Flying Ninja members (Max 6 gymnasts)

9:45am - 3:45pm - 1:1 Sessions with Emma
4:00 - 5:15pm - Infinty members (Max 6 gymnasts)
5:30-7:00pm - Aerodynamics & Gym Inc Girls (Max 2 gymnasts)

AM - 1:1 Sessions with Emma
12:00-1:00pm - Galaxy members (Max 4 gymnasts) - - 31st July & 14th August ONLY
PM - 1:1 Sessions with Emma or Abbie
3:45 - 4:45pm - Galaxy members (Max 4 gymnasts)
5:00-6:00pm - High Flyers members (Max 6 gymnasts)

1:1 Sessions with Emma - view the timetable on the links below

We may release extra sessiosn as they become available

We will be contacting each member via email - our club members are on a variety of membership packages so we will let you know what activities will be available to members during Phase 1. For this phase, group members are welcome to access 1:1 sessions instead of their regular group session. If 2 or 3 siblings are all members - they can access the 1:1 session together as a family bubble. At the beginning of each week we will release any spare sessions which can be booked by any member on a first come first serve basis

What do you need to do next?

  • Read the information we have sent to you via email (you will need information included in the email to book your session)
  • Read the information below (Risk Assessment and FAQs)
  • Book your session online (Group Sessions - click here) (1:1 Sessions - click here)

ESSENTIAL Member Information Summary – we will provide a visual aid for this process (AVAILABLE SOON)

  1. Use toilet facilities at home before the session
  2. Bring essential items only – A FULL Drinks bottle and Jumper/Coat
  3. Arrive for your session and wait outside in a car or designated waiting area
  4. Your coach will let you know when you can enter the building
  5. Sanitise hands using outside station
  6. Enter through BACE Reception - Lounge – Hall
  7. Leave your shoes and belongings in the designated area
  8. Enjoy your session
  9. Leave via the same route: Hall-Lounge-Reception – taking your essential items with you

We politely request that parents/carers provide the relevant age and ability support to ensure these guidelines are followed.

Reassuring you

We have taken many steps to ensure we can return to club activities.  We have shared our key documents and information listed with you so you are fully informed. We are happy to answer any of your questions if this information does not answer them - but please read this information first.

BACE Facility Reopening Overview

HPTRTC Phase 1 Safe Return Risk Assessment


  1. Will the toilets at BACE be open?

Yes there will be one allocated toilet (and the accessible toilet) but we are asking members to minimise the usage by using their home facilities first.

  1. How many participants will there be in each session?

All sessions will run on one of the following options

  1. 1:1 Sessions – One essential supervising adult to accompany the participant if required
  2. Family Bubble – one household to include adults, siblings as appropriate - please use the 1:1 Sessions Bookings options
  3. Max Ratio Groups - 5-11 yrs (1:2 / 2:4), 11-16 yrs (1:3/2:6), 16 yrs+ (1:6) - please book your appropriate group on the Group Bookings link
  1. What activities will be available?

The sessions will be TRAMPOLINING based only during Phase 1

  1. How many sessions will I be able to attend? How much will the sessions be?

We have a range of membership packages that people are signed up to so this will vary per member. Please refer to our email with you regarding this.

  1. Will new members be able to join?

During the Summer Timetable we are operating on an ‘Existing Members Only’ basis. This is due to their existing knowledge of our protocols so ensures the new measures will be easy to adapt to. This will be reviewed for the post summer period.

  1. As a parent will I be able to stay during the session?

If you are accompanying a member who requires support – one adult will be able to accompany the member in line with our regular protocols .

There will be no allocated waiting space in the lounge or reception area – these areas are a ‘Corridor only’.

Parents are welcome to wait in vehicles outside the building but if the external doors are open we ask politely that you do not distract the participant as this can lead to a health and safety issue – in line with our normal club procedures.

  1. Will the online sessions via Zoom continue during the summer.

The Zoom programme will end on Thursday 23rd July so we can focus on the direct coaching in the facility

  1. When will the normal timetable resume?

At this stage we are unable to answer this question. HPTRTC’s main priority is get members back to sessions in a safe and appropriate way – ensuring the safety of coaches, members and family members at all times

  1. I am a member of the Leadership Academy – will I be actively involved as a coach?

The managing coaching team have made the decision to run the Summer timetable with the lead coaches only (Emma and Abbie). This will be reviewed for the start of the new season (Phase 2). This does not affect their involvement as an active participant.

  1. Will the coaches be providing physical support?

Following government guidance and advice from British Gymnastics and Rebound Therapy – all coaches have to retain an appropriate distance from participants. We understand that some of our members can only participate with our physical support, we will be in contact to discuss this individually if this applies to you. Coaches will be teaching from the side of the trampoline, and are able to use push in mats which will be sanitised between each members use.

  1. Is PPE required? Will coaches be wearing PPE?

It is not recommended to exercise in face coverings or similar. If members want to wear any upon arrival this must be provided by the individual. Coaches will not be wearing PPE to teach in, we will only use this during cleaning protocols or where applicable. We have this available in emergency situations as per the risk assessment

  1. What are the cleaning protocols?

British Gymnastics have provided clear guidance on cleaning protocols and these will adopted and adhered to. This involves ‘inbetween session santising’, daily and weekly advice. We have scheduled our sessions to allow for appropriate cleaning - please help us keep to these timescales by dropping off and collecting your son/daughter on time.

  1. Will the water machine be available?

Yes this will be turned on and available for use. However we are insisting that each member arrives with a full drinks bottle so that the usage of this is minimised at this stage. We are unable to provide cups.

  1. Will Emergency First Aid be administered if required?

Yes we will follow all of our regular first aid procedures and have extra PPE available if required.

15. My child/the person I support doesn't require physical support but they have specific needs that may need to be addressed. Will they be able to access these sessions?

We would encourage you to speak to us directly about this. Where possible we will adapt the sessions so members can return.

16. Do we need to leave contcat details to ensure we are meeting the needs of the government Track and Trace process.

All of the participants attending the summer programme are existing members of the club, we have all essential contact information adhering to GDPR so no further information is required. However all members MUST use the online booking system to ensure our timetable of attendace is correct